Recipes: Gluten-Free Sunny Chocolate Chex Mix


It’s that time of year again. Put away all the beach toys and flip flops and grab those backpacks and fall jackets.

Sunny Chocolate Chex Mix | Tasteseekers Kitchen

Back to school season is the time for lunch box treats and grab-and-go snacks that are craved by the entire family. This chocolate and sunflower Chex mix will quickly become a family favorite! It’s a tasty snack made without added nuts, dairy, eggs and gluten. We used sunflower seed spread in place of peanut butter for a sweet and salty flavor that pairs great with chocolate. Perfect for snacking on-the-go.

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At This Second: Food Truck Lunch

Foodventures | Tasteseekers Kitchen

Field trip! We’re progressively lunching and checking out the food trucks in downtown Minneapolis. We’ve sampled everything from curried mushroom fries to pakora to spicy sesame noodles. Say yes to foodventures! (Yes, we just made up a word.)

Cookbook Club: Simple Thai Food

For Cookbook Club, we decided to explore Simple Thai Food. I’ve relied on Leela Punyaratabandhu’s website, She Simmers, for my Thai cooking experiments so I was excited to try her cookbook. You might wonder why the idea of simple stands out for a Thai cookbook. Thai condiments and sauces build on the flavors of fresh produce and you get the complex flavors of Thai cuisine. It may seem tricky but I thought the book was a nice intro for those who want to try Thai cooking.

Here’s what we made:

Simple Thai Cookbook | Tasteseekers Kithen

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