At This Second: Office Space

Working Space | Tasteseekers Kitchen

We’re having a special guest in the Kitchens today so we’re prepping for her visit!

Recipes: Mango Pistachio Quinola (Quinoa Granola)

Mango Pistachio Quinola | Tasteseekers Kitchen

Remember that tasty Chocolate Hazelnut Quinola I posted a few weeks back? It disappeared very quickly…too quickly. So, I decided to make another batch of quinoa granola with a slightly more sophisticated flavor variation.

This time, I messed around with the sweet and salty flavor combo that is always so delish in recipes. Salted pistachios are a fave of mine, so I combined them with some sweet dried mango pieces and fruity olive oil. To finish it off, I added some finely grated citrus zest, because, well, that just makes everything better. Mango Pistachio Quinola- we have a winner! Check it out.

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Cookbook Club: Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream Desserts and Ample Hills Cookbooks

The theme for this month’s cookbook club was…ice cream!

Cookbook Club Ice Cream | Tasteseekers Kitchen

Summery flavors: red raspberry sorbet and lemon sky

We made ice creams, sorbets and toppings from Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream Desserts and the Ample Hills Creamery cookbooks.

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