Recipes: Blueberry-Banana Greek Fro-Yo

Blueberry Greek Fro-Yo | Tasteseekers Kitchen

Have you tried our 2-ingredient fro-yo? Well, we have really gotten obsessed with it over here. Simply blend frozen fruit and Greek yogurt in a food processor and you’ve got frozen yogurt! And as there is still a little bit of summer left, we decided to make some more. This time, we’re using blueberry Greek yogurt and frozen banana for an extra creamy consistency. The sky is the limit when it comes to toppings, but we are keeping it classic and sticking with some old fashioned granola and fresh berries to top this delicious dessert.

Still only 2 ingredients, still amazingly delicious. Let’s give that food processor a good workout before fall makes its debut.

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At This Second: 1…2…3…Pop!

1...2...3 | Tasteseekers Kitchen

Summer’s not over yet! Look for this recipe next week.

10 Sweet and Savory Waffles

Loaded Savory Waffle | Tasteseekers Kitchen

Waffles are kind of amazing: they have these little pockets that are waiting to be filled with tasty toppings and decadent sauces. Because waffles can be savory or sweet, you can have waffles any time of the day! If you ask me, waffles for dinner are a giant WIN. Here are some great waffle ideas!


Waffles | Tasteseekers Kitchen


P.S. Sunday is National Waffle Day!